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Hajj Policy 2017 Finally Announced By Government of Pakistan

Hajj policy

The day is here. The Government of Pakistan has finally unveiled the Hajj policy for the year 2017.

The event of Hajj, one of the most important and obligatory pillars of Islam, comes every once in a year when Muslims from all over the globe get together at Masjid al-Haram to circumambulate the House of ALLAH (SWT), the Kaaba.

Apart from the circumambulation, Muslims also perform other rituals such as Sa’ee, stoning of the Devil, etc.

The Hajj policy has been approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Wednesday in a cabinet meeting. The PM has directed the authorities to improve the Hajj policy so it may cater to more Hajjis this year and provide better provisions than the last year.

A copy of the Hajj policy has been forwarded to different agencies and media outlet throughout Pakistan. According to the new policy, the Hajj quota for the year 2017 has been increased to 179,210 from 143,368 (the quota approved in 2013).

The Hajj quota of 179,210 has been stated to be divided in a ratio of 60/40, with 60% being the government Hajj operators and 40% being the private operators.

The government of Pakistan has in fact started the process of issuing tenders to respective authorities for the catering facilities for Hajjis, transportation, and other Hajj facilities.

According to the new Hajj policy, Pakistani Hajjis will be given the following facilities during Hajj:

  • Express clearance services at Jeddah and Madina airports.
  • Modern buses to transport pilgrims from the airport to their residences.
  • Provision of 100 per cent accommodation in markaziain Madina will be ensured.
  • Provision of cooked meals three times a day in Mashair (Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah).
  • Provision of filtered water and effective cooling systems in each maktabin Mina.
  • Provision of fireproof tents at Arafat.
  • Separate washrooms for the disabled in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat.

For further information, check the complete article here (Dawn).

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