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The Important Ways to Stay Out of Trouble When Traveling in Medina

The need of an efficient and reliable law-enforcement policies is a must for every country. Efficient law-enforcement not only makes life in the city safe and prosperous but also encourages tourism. Apart from the legal policies, the government of a country or a region also imposes some religious, ethical or

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5 Best Economical Hotels in Medina to Stay

Al-Madinah al-Munawwarah is home to the resting place of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon Him] and one of the two holiest places in Islam. Apart from the abundant divineness it enjoys, the city also has many ancient places that had been the center of historical events. All year

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The Qibla & 3 Proven Ways of Finding Its Correct Direction from Anywhere

The blessings of ALLAH [SWT] upon us, the Muslims, are boundless. However, the greatest of all the blessings of the Most Beneficent and the Most Merciful is ISLAM. Islam is the most disciplined, complete and perfect religion ALLAH [SWT] bestowed upon us. The perfection and discipline are evident in every

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3 Gems of Umrah Advice You Definitely Need to Pay Attention To

Getting a chance to visit the Holy House of Allah, the Kaaba, is a dream of every Muslim. People who are blessed with this auspicious opportunity must make every effort to not waste it, but make the most out of it. And, to think of it as a chance that

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5 Things to Do In Medina after Performing Umrah

Al-Madīnah al-Munawwarah is the most venerated of the two holy cities of Saudi Arabia for us, the entire Muslim community, with the first being the Makkah. The ancient city enwombs a great history of Islam and the personalities that once treaded on its sacred soil. It is the city where

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