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6 Best Places to Shop in Makkah & Medina


Saudi Arabia is not only popular for its unique culture and lifestyle or its cornice or desert safaris. There are many other places that tourists love to see during their time in Saudi Arabia, and shopping malls are such places.

Who doesn’t like shopping? Shopping is an activity that is dominant amongst women, as they love to wander around shopping malls looking for apparels, etc.

When you get to travel to Makkah & Medina either for tourism or for religious purposes like performing Umrah or Hajj, there is no harm in taking a little time out of your schedule before leaving the country and checking out some shopping malls.

Here is a list of some of the popular shopping malls and bazaars that you may want to check in Makkah and Medina.

Shopping Malls in Makkah

Makkah Mall

Located near King Abullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Rd, Makkah Mall is amongst such places that are a must to visit when you go to Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Although the place is a bit far-off the central Makkah, but it is great for other interesting activities besides shopping. For instance, there is a big supermarket in the mall, food court, etc.

Souq Al Hijaz

Souq Al Hijaz is amongst the oldest shopping malls in Makkah. The atmosphere of the mall is good, and there is a food court where you can quench your thirst or your hunger. If you are with your family, your kids can have a great time there in the kids playing area.

Makkah Auction

Makkah Auction as the name suggests is a great place for finding gifts for you, your family or any relative back at home. The place is also popular for the collection of stone rings you can find there.

Shopping Malls in Medina

Al Noor Mall

Al Noor is one of the most popular malls in Medina, Saudi Arabia. One such reason for its popularity is its strategic location. The mall is located just outside the Haram in Medina. There are not just shopping stores there but also a food court, and an amusement park amongst many others.

Rashed Mall

Rashed Mall is located near King Abdulaziz Street. The shopping mall has lots of international stores, different food courts where you can enjoy different types of cuisines and a playing area for kids. If you are a coffee lover, then you definitely need to hit the shopping mall for a great coffee experience in Star Bucks.

Old Bazaar

Ever roam around in a flea market outside your country? Well, you can experience it in Saudi Arabia in its Old Bazaar located in Medina. The place is just outside the Mosque and you can roam around it when you are leaving the Mosque.

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